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Luca Patanè


Luca Patanè is the President of Uvet American Express Global Business Travel and of the Uvet Group, a leader in Italian tourism and in providing innovative services and solutions for business trips, mobility, tourism, incoming delegations, and corporate events. Luca Patanè joined Uvet in 1989, working in high-level positions. When his father, the founder of the agency, died, Patanè became Head of Sales, then CEO in 1995, and finally President.

In 2001 Luca Patanè sealed the most important agreement in Italy in the sector of corporate travel: in a joint venture with American Express, he created Uvet American Express – today Uvet Global Business Travel. The Uvet Group thus became the most important provider of tourism services in the Italian market, with a presence in France, Switzerland, Romania, and northern European markets as well after the acquisition of an important Swedish OTA.

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