BizTravel Forum

The Italian Business Travel Community Event

BizTravel Forum was created in 2003 from a unique idea by the President of Uvet Group, Luca Patanè, at the time President of the Uvet American Express Global Business Travel. An occasion to meet, reflect, and discuss the industry with other professionals was missing in the business travel sector; an occasion that could create culture and become a valid reference point for companies and for market operators. Over the years, Biz Travel Forum became the catalysing event for  Italian Business Travel Community, an event in the sector that each year opens the doors to the most important companies in the Italian market and to the most well-known operators in mobility, events and tourism. The objective is to meet, discuss, train, and further explore the most current topics related to travel management: from globalisation and the financial crisis to disintermediation, from rationalisation of processes to management of business trips, new technology, and mobility services, and from tax laws regarding travel expenses to self-booking tools without neglecting the new purchasing behaviour of business travellers.


The heart of BizTravel Forum is its rich program of events, with more than 20 meetings back-to-back over the course of the two days, bringing to life forums, seminars, workshops, and round tables; initiatives in which international experts, authoritative professionals from the sector, and executives from important companies or multinational corporations participate.
The highlight of the event is the traditional opening forum which, like an intense and stimulating talk show, tracks market trends, provides a complete overview of emerging trends in corporate travel and announces future challenges.

More than 3500 participants and more than 100 operators from the sector are present at BizTravel Forum, including sponsors, media partners, and exhibitors; a numerous, attentive, and competent pool of participants. A large turnout as well as a wealth of content and quality speakers: these are the exhibition’s strengths.
Thanks to BizTravel Forum a new way of thinking about business travel, has been created, an event that was able to reinvent its format, turning from a simple exhibition-convention, into a reference point for the business travel community, capable of bringing visibility back to the world of business travel, thus creating a business culture and contributing to the maturation of the sector.

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